Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trump adds dreamers to list of those targeted by deportation task force

Ron Elving covered the AZ speech for AZ Public Media, Trump Makes Nice In Mexico, Talks Tougher Than Ever Just Hours Later In Phoenix.

You know Trump's positions from previous rants.

In the speech, Trump not only doubled down on the wall and the invoice to Mexico, but on a "deportation task force" that would either drive the undocumented out of the country of their own accord or arrest them and send them to their countries of origin. The "softening" often promised in recent days seemed to consist only in the delay of the deportation endeavor until the wall could be completed and all the criminal elements of the illegal population first removed.

The only thing new,really, was the addition of the dreamers to his hit list.

Trump made a point of including in his ban the "dreamers," present in the U.S. now as adults because they were brought to the country as minor children by their parents. This has been an especially popular target group for immigration reformers, and President Obama protected them from deportation orders with one of his executive actions.

Elving detected the opposing forces at work inside Trump's campaign: Conway on the softer side, trying to get Trump to look like a statesman vs. Bannon keeping Trump on track with his right-wing zealots.

For as soon as that moderating narrative got airborne, Trump's speech in Phoenix took off after it with the speed and fury of an anti-aircraft missile. The explosion as the two met in midair against the desert sky was spectacular indeed.

That intercept was launched, in all likelihood, from the campaign's other new major domo, Steve Bannon, the former publisher of, the self-styled voice of the alt-right movement.

I have to wonder. Who will go first, Conway or Bannon?

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