Friday, September 30, 2016

Trump claims moral high ground, then descends into cesspool

After patting himself on the back for not mentioning Bill Clinton's indiscretions, Trump and his campaign decided to reverse course and attack Hillary for - what? - Bill's indiscretions. You see, that's what they have left after (1) we strip away the barrage of lies from Trump and (2) reveal him via his on-stage behavior as the misogynistic bully that he is. Here's part of the AP story from the Daily Star.

The Republican nominee's decision to dredge up the former president's sexual history is a risky move in his campaign against Democrat Hillary Clinton, whose own team isn't fazed by the attack line. Clinton was asked on her campaign plane whether she has an obligation to speak out if Trump brings up her husband's infidelities. Her answer was a terse "No."

Trump critics say it all could backfire, elevating Clinton in the eyes of female voters and motivating her base.

"The whole notion of trying to get Hillary Clinton to pay for Bill Clinton's infidelities is just strategically a bad choice," said Katie Packer, a longtime Republican strategist opposed to Trump's candidacy. Women in particular, she said, see it as cruel.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz said Trump's reference to Bill Clinton's indiscretions was his low point Monday night among the group of voters with whom he watched the debate.

"They were laughing about it because they thought that was Trump at his worst," Luntz said, adding that undecided voters are especially turned off by personal attacks.

The effort also risks drawing attention to the thrice-married Trump's own unflattering history with women. His first marriage ended following a well-publicized affair, and two of his top advisers, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, have had their own well-documented infidelities. The three have had nine wives combined.

But, as I've blogged here this morning Trump supporters are not tuned to facts. Trump could be a character out of a Shakespearean tragedy and obtain a divorce by death and his supporters would not care.

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