Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trump is the Greedy Oligarch's President

Yesterday I reported on the Trump's campaign hiring the political golem, David Bossie (aka Smeargol). He is known for his life's work - smearing the Clintons with a succession of dirty tricks and manufactured scandals.

You should recall the previous hires: Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager, and Steve "Breitbart" Bannon as campaign CEO.

What is new here is the common thread connecting all three hires as reported by Steve Benen (MSNBC/MaddowBlog).

But perhaps most interesting of all is the Republican megadonor that ties multiple, seemingly disparate threads together.

The Washington Post’s report noted that Bossie is “a friend of Bannon and Conway whose political projects have often overlapped with his own. He is close to the secretive Mercer family, who have funded his organizations and been major backers of Trump’s candidacy.”

That’s no small detail. As Rachel noted on the show last week, hedge-fund billionaire Robert Mercer financed a super PAC that Kellyanne Conway used to run; Mercer is also reportedly the single largest funder of Breitbart News, which was led by Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon; and now Bossie has joined Team Trump by way of Mercer-backed organizations.

The Post added, “That leaves three Mercer allies – Bannon, Conway and Bossie – atop the Trump campaign.”

The Mercer money is why Trump is the Greedy Oligarch's President.

That's why Trump is the GOP and the GOP is Trump.

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