Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kirkpatrick needs more "killer instinct" to win against McCain

AZBlueMeanie: "Kirkpatrick lacks the killer instinct to get down in the gutter where McCain lives and to fight him on his terms. She wants to stay above all that, and that doesn’t work here in Arizona as McCain’s 33 years in Congress demonstrates." Ann does not need to fight dirty; she just needs to get on top of the facts to rebut McCain's BS.

The Blue Meanie (at Blog for Arizona) fact-checks the Kirkpatrick vs.McCain debate and explains why McCain demonstrated why he is unfit for office in debate (Fact Check). Here's the opening example.

Senator John McCain demonstrated in his debate with Representative Ann Kirkpatrick last night why he should not be returned to the Senate. Video of Senate Debate.

The first question from the moderators was about congressional gridlock: “Why do you want to return?” Similarly, the second question was about “How will you work across the aisle to make sure policy is passed and we stay out of stalemates?”

McCain said he has “been recognized as one of the foremost leaders in Congress.” Maybe by the Sunday morning bobbleheads on the Sunday talk shows (“If it’s Sunday, it’s John McCain“). The Beltway media villagers are McCain’s political base.”The number of times that Senator McCain hasn’t just been wrong, but deadly wrong, on matters of our security is nearly impossible to count.” The Media and John McCain: How Someone Always Wrong Is Always on TV. Many others have similarly written about how often John McCain has been wrong on almost every major policy decision in his 33 years in Washington.

McCain continued with his hackneyed claim that he is a “maverick,” and that he will continue to be a “maverick” in opposing his own party at times. The last time McCain ran for reelection in 2010, when he wasn’t saying Just complete the dang fence, he was saying that I’m not a maverick. “”I never considered myself a maverick,” McCain told Newsweek.” McCain’s ultimate maverick move, denial.

Neither Ann Kirkpatrick nor the moderators were prepared with facts to challenge McCain with his response.

WHY NOT? This does not win elections! We are used to poor performance of moderators, but our candidate has to be better prepared.

The Blue Meanie provides similar fact-checking for the rest of the debate.

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