Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Morning Trump Dump: McCreary's op-ed and more (news items about Trump)

Paul McCreary (yep - our Paul McCreary) has an op-ed in the GV News, Trump fans won’t wake up, but our nightmare ending.

Trump's ghostwriter for "The Art of the Deal" says Trump is in meltdown.

Frank Rich lays Trumpist actions on election day on the GOP.

Catherine Rampell (Daily Star) advises ditching the right-wing media, Catherine Rampell: To save the Republican Party, dismantle the right-wing media.

AZBlueMeanie writes about The GOP’s worst nightmare: boycott the election. If the election is rigged, as according to Trump, then why should his people vote? (His people being the GOP.) Citing Brian Beutler of the New Republic:

Positing a vast conspiracy is already becoming untenable for [Trump], placing him at odds with his campaign manager and his eldest daughter, and will look especially ridiculous if he loses in a landslide, with members of both parties condemning him in chorus. Thus, the bleakest possible scenario for Republicans isn’t that Trump loses badly and refuses to admit defeat. It’s that he rejects the notion that a fair election is even possible with him on the ticket, and announces he’s boycotting it. His supporters, only a small fraction of whom would have refused to vote for Trump turncoats down the ballot, stay home en masse instead. The Democrats take back the House.

The strange thing is that Trump's attempts to suppress the vote might actually work - in favor of Democrats.

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