Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trump: I can now fight America the way I want to

Actually the quote, from Twitter, is "It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.” My version I think is better. It is more reflective of the festering dissension within the GOP fueled by Trump reported by the New York Times. It's a nightmare scenario for Republicans.

Should Mr. Trump continue deriding the leaders of the institutional Republican Party, it could have profound consequences down the ballot, potentially depressing turnout by demoralizing the party or leading Mr. Trump’s ardent supporters to deny their votes to Republicans who abandoned him. But there is little Republicans can do to control Mr. Trump’s behavior: The party’s donors have no leverage over him, he is relying largely on small donors and, at 70, he is not mindful of any future campaign.

Democrats turn to down-ballot races

Donald J. Trump’s intensifying battle with his own party is tearing open the nation’s political map, pulling Republicans across the country into a self-destructive feud that could imperil dozens of lawmakers in Congress and potentially throw conservative-leaning states into Hillary Clinton’s column.

Democrats are moving swiftly to exploit Mr. Trump’s crumbling position in the presidential race, aiming to run up a big margin of victory for Mrs. Clinton and extend their political advantage into the congressional elections next month.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has concluded that at least two traditionally Republican states, Georgia and Arizona, are realistic targets for her campaign to win over. And Republican polling has found that Mr. Trump is at dire risk of losing Georgia, according to people briefed on the polls, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Local polling confirms it. Here is the summary from the Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet Report (subscription required - which I do not have).

Poll says Trump was in trouble in Arizona . . .

Trump and Clinton are virtually tied in Arizona with a mere 0.07 points separating the two, according to the latest poll on the race. The results of the live-caller survey conducted by Sherpa Public Affairs and released yesterday shows Trump and Clinton in a statistical dead heat, 39 versus 38.3 percent, with 11 percent of voters undecided.

Check out the Times' report for more interviews and comments from Republican candidates and members of their base.

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