Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trump pulls plug in swing states

In addition to the widening gap in the polls favoring Hillary Clinton, here is another indicator of the troubles for Trump (from Daily Kos): Donald Trump Knows He’s Already Lost – Pulls Ads In Crucial Swing States.

Trump has cancelled about 1.8 million dollars in ads. Here's the breakdown reported by Daily Kos.

Florida 741,000

North Carolina 307,000

Ohio 263,000

Pennsylvania 179,000

Iowa 165,000

Maine 93,000

New Hampshire 53,000

Colorado 32,000

There are only two possible reasons for removing ad funds from these states:

1) The campaign is out of money. That seems unlikely because there has been little evidence that they have spent very much. Also, Trump has bragged for months that he would self-finance his campaign and provide as much money as necessary to win.

2) There is no plausible path to victory. That is a scenario that was becoming more evident in every new poll that's been released for the past few weeks. And now with the revelations of Trump's vulgarity and admission of sexual assault it is even more likely.

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