Saturday, October 1, 2016

UPDATE: Trump's tweets reveal all that is repulsive about him

So they make good targets for the Clinton campaign. John Cassidy at the New Yorker ties Trump's all-night tweet-a-thon to his character flaws, The Meaning of Trump's Early Morning Tweet Storm. Here are selected snippets.

The tweets Donald Trump sent out early Friday morning about Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe who has emerged as an important surrogate for the Hillary Clinton campaign, raise a number of questions, and the first is: Why was Trump up all night?

Trump’s fight with Machado wouldn’t be smart politics even if all of the insinuations that he and others have made about her were true. As it is, they have been discredited or are in dispute.

The point is Trump’s character. His original comments about Machado reeked of sexism and racism. His behavior this week has highlighted, anew, his impulsiveness and lack of discipline. As the Washington Post’s Paul Waldman pointed out on Friday, if Trump did somehow make it to the Oval Office, “he’d have to regularly set aside whatever impulsive reaction he has to a particular turn of events in favor of a long-term strategy that would be more beneficial to the country.” Could he do that? The answer is available on Twitter.

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