Sunday, November 13, 2016

Messages from white women to white women

Sarah Geracht Gassen: Does voting for Trump mean you’re a racist?

From her column in today’s Daily Star on overhearing a discussion among young Trump voters.

… maybe you, Trump supporter, wouldn’t say it’s OK to grab a woman’s crotch. Maybe you don’t think all Mexicans are rapists. Maybe you wouldn’t promise to jail your political opponent. Maybe you wouldn’t describe your supporters who beat up a homeless Latino man as “passionate.” Maybe you wouldn’t feud with and publicly denigrate a Gold Star family.

But you voted for a man who did and said these things.

For many Americans anything on that list would be a deal-breaker, but they weren’t for you. This means you either agree with Trump — or that you don’t find his racism, misogyny and nativism repulsive or dangerous enough to disqualify him as your candidate.

If you are a Trump supporter who doesn’t agree with his definition of making America “great again” as an embrace of white, straight male chauvinism, speak up. Help protect those made more vulnerable by Trump’s popularity. You have to act. Now.

Don’t simply say that’s not what your vote meant.

Elizabeth Warren’s speech on “An American Agenda”

Warren delivered a wonderfully fiery speech tot he AFL-CIO. Here are links to the video and the transcript.

Samantha Bee exposes who is to blame for Trump’s victory

Whites and in particular white women take Bee’s hit. Here’s the video link at Mother Jones.

Joan Walsh: What Trump’s GOP might do to diverse America

Walsh worries about the health of our institutions in the face of our collective failure to stop Trump. Check out her essay in the New Yorker.

The world represented by the Obama-Clinton coalition is still the country we are becoming; a Trump victory can only postpone it. But it hurts; to know we’re a nation where you can brag about grabbing a woman by her pussy, where you can mock a disabled reporter and deride a Gold Star family, where you can stiff your workers and lie about your wealth and never show your taxes, where you can trash many ethnic groups and retweet white supremacists, and still become president. In fact, we’ve now learned that it’s easier for a racist, sexist, chiseling, cheating demagogue to become president than it is for a woman. That hurt. It also hurts to remember that the media put more time into talking about Clinton’s e-mail mistakes than about any other issue with Trump; books will be written about the media’s cultivation of Donald Trump over the next decade.

I keep trying to end this on an optimistic note. The country will survive, probably. But it could fundamentally change. With control of all three branches of government, the GOP is able to promote an agenda that, in its particulars, Americans tell pollsters they reject: austerity, tax cuts for the rich, abortion and gay marriage either condemned or illegal, college unaffordable, Social Security and Medicare slashed. It will ignore, even suppress, the just claims of the Black Lives Matter movement; the cruelty of mass incarceration and the killings of young black people will continue. We had a chance to stop this, and we weren’t able to. Our country, and its institutions, aren’t as healthy as the optimists among us think.

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