Friday, November 18, 2016

Reviewing the week that was - and that we wish wasn't

Ryan Lizza (New Yorker) reviews the week that should not have been: Donald Trump’s first alarming week as President-elect. Here’s just part of the shop of horrors.

On Sunday, Trump woke up and attacked the press:

9:16 a.m.: Wow, the ‪@nytimes is losing thousands of subscribers because of their very poor and highly inaccurate coverage of the “Trump phenomena”

9:43 a.m.: The ‪@nytimes sent a letter to their subscribers apologizing for their BAD coverage of me. I wonder if it will change – doubt it?

11:03 a.m. The ‪@nytimes states today that DJT believes “more countries should acquire nuclear weapons.” How dishonest are they. I never said this!

All three of these tweets were false. The Times said that subscriptions were up by four times more than normal since the election. There was no letter “apologizing” to subscribers. The paper sent an e-mail noting, “After such an erratic and unpredictable election there are inevitable questions: Did Donald Trump’s sheer unconventionality lead us and other news outlets to underestimate his support among American voters?” Finally, the Times had written that Trump “suggested” more countries, specifically South Korea and Japan, should acquire nuclear weapons if the United States withdrew from protecting them—and he did say that. (His tweet was described as “false” by PolitiFact.)

All that just confirms that America elected a pathological liar.

… what we’ve learned so far about the least-experienced President-elect in history is as troubling and ominous as his critics have feared. The Greeks have a word for the emerging Trump Administration: kakistocracy. The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as a “government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.” Webster’s is simpler: “government by the worst people.”

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