Thursday, November 17, 2016

The co-option of social media

This is from the 538 morning “Significant Digits” email.

8,711,000 Facebook interactions

Number of shares, reactions and comments on Facebook generated by the top 20 fake election stories in the last three months of the campaign. Hoax sites and partisan fabulists eclipsed real news during the stretch run of the 2016 election on Facebook: There were only 7,367,000 shares, reactions and comments on the top 20 stories from 19 major, fact-based publications during the same period. Come on y’all, be a part of the solution and like us. Buzzfeed

This is serious pollution of the common cognition. Our body of agreed upon facts is under attack and Facebook, among other sources, bears responsibility for it. But try, I ask you, to get members of the “media” to admit to having any responsibility for fact-checking. They are content to be mindless conduits for the s#!t that is pumped through the cesspool of modern media.

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