Sunday, November 27, 2016

Van Jones on 'constructive disagreement'

Here are a couple of observations from Van Jones via the Washington Post/The Fix: Van Jones isn’t trying to convince anyone: ‘I’m aiming for a more constructive disagreement’.

On the two political parties

… My concern is that we have two political parties that have pretty significant blind spots. The liberals seem to be blind to the very distasteful strain of elitism that seems to have found a home in our party, and the conservatives have a blind spot for a very nasty strain of bigotry that has found a home in their party. That is not to say that every Democrat is an elitist or that every Republican is a bigot; it is to say that both parties have some real work to do to have parties that respect all Americans.

On discourse and disagreement

… I think I’m one of the few national Democrats who has a very long track record of working with the right. … I worked very hard to develop and maintain friendships with all the conservatives and Trumps supporters who came on our air and probably talked more to them during the campaign and after than I did to most national Democrats. I grew up in the rural South, in a red state, all public schools and church on Sunday, so I really understand the frustration a lot of conservatives have with the way that the coastal elite sees them. So I know that there’s a lot of room for more constructive disagreement. I’m not aiming for agreement. In a dictatorship, everybody has to agree. In a democracy, nobody has to agree. I’m not aiming for agreement; I’m aiming for a more constructive disagreement, and I have high hopes for that.

Scriber could not agree more.

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