Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Steve Farley may run for AZ Governor

The Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required) reports that Farley is thinking about running for governor, Democrat Farley considers run for governor.

State Sen. Steve Farley is considering a run for governor in 2018, the first Democrat to publicly express interest in challenging Gov. Doug Ducey in his reelection bid.

The Tucson lawmaker, who’s spent 10 years in the Legislature, said he hasn’t made a final decision yet, but is seriously considering a run against Ducey. He said he won’t make any decisions until after the 2017 legislative session is over.

Farley said Ducey’s education and tax policies are among the driving factors leading him to consider challenging the governor.

“I’ve seen up close his priorities over the last couple of years, what he’s done or not done. I think that it’s been proven pretty clear to most people no matter which side of the aisle they’re on that simply more corporate tax giveaways aren’t the recipe for success for our economy or for our people. It’s got to be investment in our education system,” Farley said. “And while he may think funding 70 percent of inflation for our public schools is solving the whole problem, that’s not the case.”

Farley said he’s likely to run with Clean Elections funding if he jumps into the governor’s race. Funding amounts for 2018 aren’t set yet, but gubernatorial candidates in 2014 were eligible to receive $753,000 in Clean Elections funding for the primary, and about $1.1 million for the general election. Farley said he believes Clean Elections funding will be adequate to get his message out.

“I don’t think you out-raise him, but I have enough resources of my own to be able to run a reasonable campaign, especially if I’m running clean,” Farley said. “Two more years of corporate rule, especially with what looks like to be corporate rule on the national level over the next two years, is going to be souring most Arizonans to the idea of continuing it for another four. And that’s not going to be dependent on how much money he raises.”

Farley faces an uphill battle given the state’s track record in electing only Republicans to state offices - no matter how unqualified or unprincipled they are. Even so, Scriber welcomes Farley’s candidacy should he decide to run - and I hope he does. He’s our kind of guy.

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