Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trump's anti-government government

Steve Benen notes that Trump taps Texas’ Rick Perry for agency Perry vowed to eliminate.

I suspect much of the country remembers Perry’s “oops” moment. During his first presidential campaign, the Texas Republican participated in a debate in November 2011 in which he tried to list the cabinet agencies he’d eliminate if elected. He mentioned the Departments of Commerce and Education, but couldn’t remember that he also wanted to scrap the Department of Energy.

Perry, in other words, will now lead a federal agency he doesn’t think should exist.

But the real story is in the pattern of cabinet picks: for a given agency X, pick an anti-X for its cabinet choice. Benen lists the instances.

And as we discussed the other day, during Trump’s transition process, this keeps happening.

Jeff Sessions is Trump’s choice for Attorney General despite his record of hostility towards civil rights.

<Betsy DeVos is Trump’s choice for Education Secretary despite her opposition towards public schools.

Ben Carson is Trump’s choice for Housing and Urban Development Secretary despite his hostility towards the Fair Housing Act.

Tom Price is Trump’s choice for Health and Human Services Secretary despite his opposition to programs that provide health security to millions of Americans.

Andrew Puzder is Trump’s choice for Labor Secretary despite his contempt for labor laws.

Scott Pruitt is Trump’s choice to lead the EPA despite Pruitt vow to fight the agency’s policy agenda.

This is not an encouraging pattern.

AZBlueMeanie has more on the most recent cabinet picks in today’s Blog for Arizona post The parade of horrors of Trump cabinet picks continues. The Blue Meanie concludes:

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post notes that “The president-elect appears to be assembling not a government but an anti-government.” This is consistent with the anti-government rhetoric of the GOP.

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