Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trump's formula for nominating cabinet members

At least some of them seem to follow this rule: for agency X, nominate anti-X.

That sure fits the nomination of Betsy DeVos, arch school choice madam, to head Education.

Now we learn (from Daily Kos among other sources) that Trump has nominated the anti-EPA Oklahoma AG as head of the EPA, Today in Trump appointments: Trump taps virulently anti-EPA Scott Pruitt as EPA chief.

With hundreds of important administration appointments still percolating under Trump’s hairpiece, you might be feeling the need to conserve your outrage. You needn’t bother. Short of appointing stuffed animals or corporate logos to cabinet posts, there’s no way the picks are going to any get worse than the choice of virulently anti-EPA Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head, yes, the Environmental Protection agency.

To say he’s in the pocket of America’s most polluting companies is an understatement. He was quite literally caught copying industry-written letters onto his own stationery and sending them to other government agencies as the opinions of his own office.

He’s a crook, in other words. In exchange for pushing industry-written legal arguments as his own, he and other coordinating Republican attorney generals got, at last count, $16 million from those companies for their political campaigns. It’s even fair to say that he only got on Trump’s radar due to the ample financial padding provided by those firms.

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