Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ducey has no plan for funding K-12

Or, at least, none that he is sharing today. Scarlett O’Hara: “After all, tomorrow is another day!” Tomorrow (Monday) is the day that Ducey delivers his State of the State address.

Cartoonist Gary Markstein opines on the GOP Obamacare non-replacement non-plan. It is just as applicable to what Ducey intends - or not. (h/t GV News)

Howard Fischer, in a version of the Daily Star’s front page lead article, describes how Pressure is on for Ducey to make good on 2017 school spending increase.
When Gov. Doug Ducey asked voters last year to approve Proposition 123, he promised it would be just the first step toward providing more money for K–12 education. 
Voters did their part, even though the $300 a year per student it produces for the next decade is just a fraction of what schools were owed from the prior illegal refusal by the Legislature to give schools what voters said they were owed. And most of the money comes from a trust account that already belongs to education. 
Now all eyes are on Ducey, who gives his State of the State speech Monday as the Republican-controlled Legislature convenes to see what that promise means for the 1.1 million students in Arizona public schools. 
But the governor, in an interview with Capitol Media Services, sought to tamp down anticipation that his promise of additional steps means he will propose a big increase in what the state spends. 

There … is a move among some lawmakers to ask voters for a sales-tax hike for a more substantive solution that could produce up to an additional $1 billion a year, not just for K–12 education but also for the universities that have taken major funding hits under Ducey. 
Any move along those lines will get opposition from the governor who campaigned in 2014 on a promise not to raise taxes and to propose a tax cut every year he is in office.
See the Star’s article for more on education funding and moves to expand the voucher vulture program.

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