Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A reading list for today: Flynn resigns and other headlines

Here are a few short takes on the headlines that say most of the story.

I’ll start with a pair from Blog for Arizona. Just when you thought things could not get worse than Steve Bannon calling the shots in the White House, up springs another evil genius, Stephen Miller.

Bob Lord writes about Stephen Miller’s Outsized Radical Influence: A Threat We Should Have Seen Coming. “Miller by all appearances is exceedingly talented in a supremely evil way. Beginning in his early 20’s, he’s exercised monstrous powers of persuasion over high ranking politicians … Now, we’re witnessing the havoc that a still exceedingly young Stephen Miller is wreaking. Imagine what the future holds if he’s allowed to amass more power. Make no mistake. He must be neutralized politically in any way possible and as soon as possible. He’s a threat to our society, with unlimited potential to do harm.”

AZBlueMeanie writes about the same guy: Stephen Miller subs for Kellyanne Conway on the Sunday morning bobblehead shows, it does not go well. “Let’s just say that things did not go well for Stephen Miller on the Sunday morning bobblehead shows. The “Even Stevphen” act of Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller creating policy for our Dear Leader Donald Trump should deeply concern Americans. These are not conservatives nor Republicans, these are radical extremists with a radical vision for America that Trump apparently shares. There needs to be more reporting exposing the power behind the throne.” Like Mrs. Scriber said Sunday, “he gives me the creeps.”

“Flynn is visibly in trouble.” I wrote that yesterday. Last night Flynn resigned. Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser reports the NY times. Of course, Washington, being built on a swamp, won’t let the story stop there. The most egregious follow-on came from “Representative Devin Nunes, Republican of California and the chairman of the House intelligence committee, [who] was supportive of Mr. Flynn until the end.” [He said] “Washington, D.C., can be a rough town for honorable people, and Flynn — who has always been a soldier, not a politician — deserves America’s gratitude and respect.” Given that Flynn lied to his bosses, I guess Nunes means that soldiers should be held to a lesser standard than politicians. Soldiers, present and past, should be pissed at this guy.

Not so visible, perhaps, are Reince Priebus’ difficulties. Trump ally: ‘Reince is the problem’. “Three weeks. It’s been three weeks, and the White House team is already at each other’s throats. In a month they’ll be hunting Sean Spicer for sport in the Rose Garden.”

Read the NY Times recounting of several Republicans’ pleas for Help! My Constituents Are After Me! Their stances on a range of issues are not popular among their voters. For another example From the Daily Kos: Senator who told Elizabeth Warren to ‘take a seat’ got a not-so-warm welcome back to Montana. Sen. Daines’ reception in his home state was not exactly what he might have wanted. He scurried away from constituents like a Montana jack rabbit fleeing a coyote. We, the people, must be doing something right - like demanding answers?

Robert Reich exposes THE REAL REASON REPUBLICANS WANT TO PULL THE PLUG ON OBAMACARE. Hint: follow the money if/when ACA gets repealed without replacement.

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