Tuesday, February 21, 2017

AZ Gov faced with shortage of greenbacks plans to balance budget with brownbacks

Scriber’s usually unreliable sources are saying that Arizona Governor Dougy Doozy fears a budget shortfall after his next round of tax cuts. Economic activity in the state remains anemic in spite of Doozy’s belief in the stimulating effect of massive tax breaks for the wealthy. So, with the shortfall in greenbacks, Doozy has turned to fellow tax-averse Kansas Governor Sam Brownback for fiscal assistance. The Kansas Governor has promised Doozy a loan of several million of the new Kansas currency, brownbacks. Scribers’ sources tell us that Doozy’s message to the Arizona legislature is “Faith will show us the way. If we have enough brownbacks we don’t need the greenbacks.”

Alright. I made all that up. The fact, reported by AZBlueMeanie over at Blog for Arizona, is that Kansas is fiscally crippled by Brownback’s tax cuts. They have a $320 million shortfall this year and an additional $750 million deficit over the coming two years. Their legislature passed a $1 billion tax increase package but the question is what will Brownback do: sign it, let it become law without a signature, or veto it. If the latter, Scriber opines, Brownback will be printing brownbacks.

Here are snippets from the Blue Meanie’s Kansas is a cautionary tale for Arizona: pigs do fly!

UK protests
Pigs do fly

Something truly remarkable happened last week: the state legislature of Brownbackistan fna Kansas passed an income tax increase to begin repairing the fiscal damage to the state caused by Governor Sam Brownback and Tea-Publicans’ religious experiment in creating a faith based supply-side “trickle down” utopia in America’s heartland. Pigs do fly!

Governor Brownback can face reality and admit that his religious experiment in creating a faith based supply-side “trickle down” utopia in Kansas has been a complete disaster and allow this bill to become law without his signature, or he can be a dogmatic ideologue and veto the bill (his veto would be sustained), which will leave Kansas in a fiscal disaster without a way out because of Tea-Publican ideological extremists.

We’ll find out if pigs do fly, or are slaughtered by Tea-Publican ideologues on the altar of religious extremism.

A note of caution: the Arizona legislature could not pass a tax increase by a simple majority vote because of the GOP’s “weapon of mass destruction,” Prop. 108 (1992), the “Two-Thirds for Taxes” amendment.

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