Sunday, February 26, 2017


Yesterday Scriber posted Why Melania Trump should feel afraid in Authoritarian America. Mea culpa. The post contains a small geographic error. Melania Trump is from Slovenia, not Slovakia as I claimed. The main point stands: other countries,notably Slovakia, have experienced authoritarian rule and managed to defeat it.

… Slovakia’s story is an optimistic one, as it shows that creeping authoritarianism can be defeated — even in a vulnerable society. In the early 1990s, Slovakia had just woken up from 40 years of communist rule: Its democratic institutions, rule of law and civil society were weak. Yet it succeeded in fighting off Meciar’s abuses of power. Surely Americans will not let their traditions of democracy and limited government be destroyed by a hyperactive and unstable reality TV host — at least not without a fight.

Regardless of her national origin, Melania should be afraid of the authoritarianism presented by her husband. As should we all.

h/t Pam Duchaine for catching my error.

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