Monday, February 13, 2017

The first 100 days - an interim report

AZBlueMeanie has a thorough review of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador shortly after the election in Putin is ‘in like Flynn’ in the Trump White House. Allegedly, Flynn discussed the sanctions imposed by President Obama because of the Russian hacking during the 2016 election. The looming question is whether Flynn covered it up - shades of Watergate.
That’s the main story but here is a long list of Trump’s accomplishments from a comment on the post by “For Sure not Tom.”
So far, Trump has:
Refused to say Putin is a thug.
Pitched a hissy fit over inauguration attendance.
Lied about voter fraud.
Lied about the popular vote.
Whined about Mark Cuban on Twitter.
Whined about Saturday Night Live on Twitter.
Forced Baghdad Shaun Spicer to lie to the press.
Call factual news stories fake news.
Called fake news stories factual.
Started a fight with Australia.
Started a fight with Mexico.
Fasted POTUS ever to go golfing. Several times now.
Picked winners and losers on Twitter, causing American companies stocks to drop.
Said the design was almost finished for the wall, then a week later said he hadn’t started the design yet.
Trump, a draft dodging coward, continues to insult McCain and soldiers and veterans.
Said that so called judges are responsible for future terrorist attacks.
Said he knows and has met Putin and has a great relationship with Putin, then says he doesn’t know Putin, then… oh, forget it.
Calls any negative polls fake news. Only polls he likes are real news now.
Said Mexico would pay for the wall, only to have the US taxpayer put the money up front, then the US consumer will pay the US taxpayer back by paying more for Tequila, wait, this doesn’t make any sense….
Doesn’t know what the START treaty is.
Threatened to defund sanctuary cities, even though those cities provide 80% of the countries tax revenue.
Treated his SCOTUS nomination like an episode of The Bachelor.
Forgot to check if his muslim ban was legal, forget to tell the agencies that would need to enforce the ban, causing major issues at airports around the world.
Cries about the NT Times daily on Twitter. Poor poor Donnie.
Threatened to illegally send federal troops to Chicago.

I’m missing a lot of other fun stuff, like Flynn’s violating the Logan Act or Kellyanne “Propaganda Barbie” Conway’s “alternative facts” debacle, and we’re not even a month into POTUS45!
Hey GOP, for years, maybe decades, Trump is the face of your party, and his incompetence, ignorance, and pettiness will be your parties legacy.

Well done, GOP, you own this!
Think of what the rest of the 100 days has in store for us.

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