Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump is gaining in polls, gaining disapproval that is

From the HuffPollster morning email:

Not that it matters to those positioned to do something about Trump’s monarchical behaviors (like Congress), but …

DISAPPROVAL OF TRUMP’S PERFORMANCE RISES - graphic HuffPollster: “There’s a fair amount of discrepancy between individual pollsters on where Trump’s job-approval numbers stand, although a majority give him negative ratings. A few weeks into Trump’s presidency, however, there’s enough data to look at how each of those pollsters think Trump’s ratings have changed since he took office. The chart below compares the latest polls, as of Wednesday afternoon, with the earliest from eight pollsters who’ve released at least two surveys on Trump’s job performance since his inauguration. There’s a substantial amount of variance here, as well, for potential reasons that may range from methodology to when each poll was conducted. But most pollsters, regardless of where they think Trump started, now find his net approval rating ― the difference between his approval and disapproval numbers ― to be at least somewhat lower than when he became president….What’s also notable is where the biggest change comes from in most of these polls….Trump’s overall ratings seem to be falling because some people who started off with a neutral impression on Inauguration Day have since soured on the president. Each of the eight surveys shows disapproval increasing, with the change ranging from 2 points to 13 points.” [HuffPost]

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