Thursday, March 9, 2017

State Sen. Katie Hobbs running for Secretary of State

The Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required) reports that Katie Hobbs, the Senate minority leader aiming for Secretary of State.

Democratic state Sen. Katie Hobbs announced Wednesday morning she’ll challenge Republican Michele Reagan for secretary of state in 2018.

Hobbs, a Phoenix lawmaker and Senate minority leader, cited “persistent debacles plaguing the office” of secretary of state under Reagan, who was elected to the post in 2014.

As Arizona’s top election official, Reagan frequently came under fire a year ago during the presidential preference election, and a special election that resulted in an investigation by the attorney general. Most recently, Reagan’s elections director denied an accusation by county recorders that Secretary of State’s office ordered voter registrations be purged without proper documentation.

“Across the country, the electoral process is under attack from Republican attempts to suppress voter turnout among minorities, young people, and the poor.” Hobbs said in a statement. “As secretary of state I will do everything in my power to protect every citizen’s right to vote and bring competency back to the office to restore confidence in Arizona’s elections.”

The downside: it’s one more Senate seat that we need to keep Democratic.

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