Wednesday, March 29, 2017

US House joins US Senate in selling out your internet privacy

Here’s one from the FiveThirtyEight morning email (“Significant Digits”).

The GOP-led House of Representatives voted 215–205 to allow internet service providers to sell data about customers without their permission. This includes medical, personal and financial data. Privacy advocates are furious. [NPR]

Among those voting to sell out your privacy was your Representative Martha McSally (R-AZ, CD2). McSally, aka Colonel Compliant, thereby maintains a perfect score of 100% voting on what Trump supports (according to the 538’s [Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump][58]. She voted “Yes” on Senate Joint Resolution 34. Here is the bill’s summary from

This joint resolution nullifies the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission entitled “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services.” The rule published on December 2, 2016: (1) applies the customer privacy requirements of the Communications Act of 1934 to broadband Internet access service and other telecommunications services, (2) requires telecommunications carriers to inform customers about rights to opt in or opt out of the use or the sharing of their confidential information, (3) adopts data security and breach notification requirements, (4) prohibits broadband service offerings that are contingent on surrendering privacy rights, and (5) requires disclosures and affirmative consent when a broadband provider offers customers financial incentives in exchange for the provider’s right to use a customer’s confidential information.

Really a bad reg, right? I guess our representatives thought that the ISPs have more say in the disposition of your personal information than you do. This is how the party of personal liberty has just screwed us once again.

You should be asking: who brought up this piece of crap. The answer is our own Senator Jeff Flake. Again from the information:

Sponsor: Sen. Flake, Jeff [R-AZ] (Introduced 03/07/2017)
Committees: Senate - Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Latest Action: 03/27/2017 Rules Committee Resolution H. Res. 230 Reported to House. Rule provides for consideration of S.J. Res. 34 with 1 hour of general debate. Previous question shall be considered as ordered without intervening motions except motion to recommit with or without instructions. Measure will be considered read. Bill is closed to amendments. (All Actions)
Roll Call Votes: There has been 1 roll call vote

And, of course, both Flake and McCain, our ardent defenders of personal liberty, voted for it.

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