Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How to get bills passed in the AZ legislature: Send Tea-Publican legislators to the swamp

Eureka! I have discovered the way to get reasonable legislation past the arrogant Tea-Publicans in the AZ lege. Give them each and all jobs in the Trump administration. Given the state of Trump’s swamp, they cannot do much more harm than is already being done to the country. But by leaving Phoenix, they will have made the supreme sacrifice thus bestowing on us a more effective and humane state government. Here’s the report from the Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required): Lovas leaving House for job in Trump administration.

So who is this Lovas guy? He’s the chair of the House rules committee. He’s the guy who is preventing SB1080, the anti-texting-while-driving bill, from getting a hearing in the House. (It passed the Senate handily.) See my post on this from last Thursday, AZ House Rules Chairman dithers while Arizonans die.

Howard Fischer reports on Lovas’ reaction to his new job in the Daily Star, Resignation of lawmaker for new job could revive teen texting measure.

It also leaves vacant the helm of the powerful House Rules Committee through which all bills must pass to go to the House floor.

One that Lovas has refused to hear is SB 1080. That measure, which passed the Senate 24–6, bans not only texting by new teen drivers but even talking on a cellphone.

“I think the happiest people today would probably be Karen Fann and others whose bills I have held,” he laughed. And Lovas, who just a week ago said the texting ban was in a “deep coma” in his committee, said its life signs are now looking healthier.

“It might be coming out of a coma,” he quipped.

Fann, for her part, said she remains hopeful that perhaps Lovas will provide a going-away gift of sorts to her and supporters of SB 1080 and allow the measure to go to the full House, where she says she has the votes.

“I have always been very hopeful that Phil would stand up and put that on there,” meaning the Rules agenda, she said. “The fact that he’s moving onward and upward, that just gives him one more reason to do the right thing and put it on the agenda this week.”

Take a deep breath and hold it.

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