Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Sawmill fire, the NRA, Donald Trump, the Second Ammendment, and God

Among many other sources, NPR reports Trump Brings Campaign Rhetoric To NRA Speech, Pledging Gun-Rights Support. I will not burden you with the whole speech. (It sucked.). But here is one to-be-expected juxtaposition and a few significant digits.

God’s role in the Sawmill fire

The Trumpanderer in Chief spoke to the NRA on Friday.

The NRA hoped to hear a clear message from the president, NPR spokesperson Jason Brown said before Friday’s event: “Protecting gun rights, expanding gun rights and getting rid of legislation and gun rights restrictions in this country to make the Second Amendment more powerful than it ever has been before.”

On Friday, Trump delivered that message, though without proposing specifics.

“As your president, I will never ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms,” Trump said. “Never, ever. Freedom is not a gift from government, freedom is a gift from God.”

The implication is that owning a gun is a “gift from God.”

By transitivity: God grants a gift of guns (A –> B), a gun was used to blow up exploding targets causing the Sawmill fire (B –> C), and, therefore, God caused the Sawmill fire (A –> C). (That would be your Christian God.)

I suppose we could hope for a Trumpian flip-flop on this one.

Significant digits

The Daily Star, in their report on the fire this morning, tells us how bad that fire is. $4.26 million is the cost. 47,00 acres burned so far with only 61% contained by 800 fire personnel.

All this because the agent of God’s will is a dufus who likes to shoot exploding targets to hear a bigger boom.

That’s what comes of making the “Second Amendment more powerful than it ever has been before.”

If Congress - in particular our CD2 Rep. Martha McSally - won’t act in response to mass killings like Sandy Hook, they certainly won’t pay one smidgeon of attention to the Sawmill fire and why it occurred.

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