Thursday, April 27, 2017

Update: Teacher standards under attack

Here is Steve Farley’s report on Doozy’s solution to our teacher shortage - hire less qualified teachers. (From the Farley Report #275).

We have a teacher crisis in Arizona with 44% of teachers leaving after just two years because the Governor and the Legislative Majority have slashed state support for schools by 21% since 2008. We have the lowest teacher pay in the country.

Governor Ducey’s solution? SB1042 to lower standards for teaching credentials. The Senate Republicans earlier today passed this abomination on party lines, and Ducey has said he will sign it as soon as he gets it.

We were voting on other bills on the floor and heading toward adjournment for the day when SB1042 was thrown onto the vote board without warning. The bill guts our teacher credentialing system by allowing people with knowledge in one subject area to teach kids without taking any standardized test, and without training in classroom management or any other subjects.

I spoke out strongly against the bill, as did most of my Democratic colleagues. I explained the only way to solve a teacher retention crisis is by investing in teacher raises, building maintenance, computers, and textbooks. Attract the best and the brightest, don’t lower your standards to take unqualified jobseekers, insulting the fully credentialed and experienced teachers who are sacrificing to serve our kids right now.

We are witnessing the destruction of our public school system by the current leaders. They have 1) slashed public school funds; 2) stolen public school money to give to private schools; and 3) lowered public school teaching standards.

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