Tuesday, May 2, 2017

100 days: five false or misleading claims per day

Mea culpa. I rounded up. The actual number is 4.88 per day.

The Washington Post fact-checking team reports on 100 days of Trump claims. (h/t AZBlueMeanie)

Throughout President Trump’s first 100 days, the Fact Checker team tracked false and misleading claims made by the president since Jan. 20.

The team provides cool interactive graphics supporting these statistical facts.

As of Trump’s 100th day, we counted 488 false or misleading claims.

There were a total of 10 days without any recorded false or misleading claims.

Donald Trump earned 59 Four-Pinocchio ratings as a presidential candidate. Now that he’s president, he has continued his proclivity for making dubious, misleading or false statements. He also often repeats the same debunked claims even though they have been fact-checked. It’s hard to keep up with all of Trump’s rhetoric, so the Fact Checker is assembling in one place all of his suspect statements from his first 100 days as president. You can sort them by various categories and see how many times he has repeated the same false statement.

These numbers are revealing. 90 percent of Trump’s first 100 days were riddled with falsehoods. As I wrote back in the 2016 campaign (Aug.1, 2016), Clinton is honest, Trump is the liar. Here’s the evidence. Then, according to Politifact, 70 percent of Trump’s statements were completely or mostly false. So Trump’s dishonesty has grown since the election. Elections apparently have consequences.

Here are two sets of false or misleading claims - just a small sample of many - from the Post’s analyses.

Fact: “Trump now calls for Americans to “buy American, hire American.” But this is misleading. Trump has a long history of outsourcing a variety of his own products. The Fact Checker has counted a total of 12 countries where Trump products were manufactured (China, the Netherlands, Mexico, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Honduras, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea).”

Trump: “#BuyAmericanHireAmerican”
“We are about to take bold new steps to follow through on my pledge to buy American and hire American.”
Repeated on Mar. 6 Mar. 15 Mar. 15 Mar. 18 Mar. 20 Mar. 28 Apr. 18 Apr. 18 Apr. 19 Apr. 29

Fact: “The Affordable Care Act is not imploding and is expected to remain stable for the foreseeable future, according to the Congressional Budget Office.”

Trump: “Obamacare is dead, it is gone.”
“ObamaCare is exploding. ObamaCare is dead – essentially, ObamaCare is dead, it’s not going to make it.”
“If our healthcare plan is approved, you will see real healthcare and premiums will start tumbling down. ObamaCare is in a death spiral!”
“ObamaCare is in serious trouble. The Dems need big money to keep it going - otherwise it dies far sooner than anyone would have thought.”
Repeated on Jan. 25 Feb. 10 Feb. 16 Feb. 18 Feb. 27 Mar. 11 Mar. 13 Mar. 15 Mar. 17 Mar. 17 Mar. 17 Mar. 21 Mar. 25 Apr. 23 Apr. 24 Apr. 28 Apr. 29

“You have states – I went to Tennessee two weeks ago, half of the state doesn’t have any insurance companies.”
“You have many states coming up where they’re going to have no insurance company. O.K.? It’s already happened in Tennessee. It’s happening in Kentucky. Tennessee only has half coverage. Half the state is gone. They left. But I’d rather solve it in a much better way for the country.”
“The great state of Tennessee where half the state already has no insurance carrier”
Repeated on Mar. 17 Mar. 17 Mar. 17 Mar. 21 Apr. 5 Apr. 28 Apr. 29

But, as I reported yesterday, Trump’s voters accept or ignore all this dishonesty. Bob Cesca wrote at salon.com:

… In just about every way, Trump is a direct reflection of the cynical, superficial, nearsighted mentality of too many 2016 voters who thought it’d be more appropriate to elect a berserker president as a “fuck you” to the left than to consider what kind of irreparable damage might occur by electing an incompetent reality-show stooge and tabloid New York socialite as leader of the free world.

If democracy does not die of dumbness (per Cesca) then it most certainly will die of unlimited dishonesty.

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