Tuesday, May 2, 2017

90%: Trump's dishonesty score reflects the feelings of his voters

Here’s one from the HuffPollster’s morning email.

FEW TRUMP VOTERS FEEL BETRAYED BY TRUMP’S POLICY SHIFTS - HuffPollster: “[D]espite Trump’s flip-flops on economic and foreign policy issues, most of his supporters still feel they’re getting exactly the man they voted for, new HuffPost/YouGov pollingshows. The majority, 63 percent of voters who supported Trump in last year’s election say his current policies are not very or not at all different from the ideas he espoused as a candidate. Only 30 percent of voters who supported Trump in last year’s election say his policy views are ‘somewhat different’ since he took office — and just 4 percent say they are ‘very different.’ And although the sample size of Trump voters who say he’s changed is very small, the results suggest that those voters are more likely to prefer his new positions. At a rough estimate, just over a tenth of the voters who supported Trump believe he’s changed for the worse since taking office, with about 14 percent saying they prefer the policies he now holds.” [HuffPost]

As I blogged in another post today, Trump’s dishonesty score has risen from 70% during the 2016 campaign to 90% after the inauguration. It is interesting that only 10% of his voters believe he has changed for the worse. That is, 90% must think his current level of dishonesty is OK. See? Trump does represent his voters.

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