Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What will McSally do about exploding targets?

This was submitted as a letter to the editor of the GV News.

Quoting from May 2nd email by AZ CD2 Rep. Martha McSally:

Supporting the Fight Against Sawmill Fire
Last week’s Sawmill Fire blazed throughout our district burning nearly 47,000 acres. Thankfully, the fire is under control, thanks to eight hundred brave men and women in the firefighting force who are putting their lives on the line to keep our communities safe. I’ve been in conversation with Governor Doug Ducey and will do everything in my power to ensure the proper federal resources are available for a swift recovery from this devastating incident, and for future fires this upcoming fire season.

I agree that we are grateful to the 800 firefighters, and that we should be extra-vigilant in this fire season. But the costs of this man-made fire are enormous: over $5 million and almost 47,000 acres burned. Those are the costs of a recreational shooter having fun with exploding targets.

If Rep. McSally really wants to do something effective, she should introduce and fight tooth-and-nail for a bill outlawing exploding targets.

How about it Rep. McSally? Want to walk your talk?

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