Monday, June 19, 2017

DeVos intervenes in Georgia House race

I don’t usually (ever, really) use this blog to reprint ads, political or otherwise. But this one, via email, caught my attention.

The last numbers I’ve seen have Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel neck and neck in a fierce contest to take the House seat vacated by Tom Price, Trump’s Secretary for HHS. Here is the ad (emphases added).

There are just two days left before the all-important special election in Georgia – and Betsy DeVos and her family are spending big to try and stop Jon Ossoff from winning.

DeVos’s husband, mother, and other family members gave $27,000 to Karen Handel, the extreme right-wing Republican candidate in the race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. Handel, like DeVos, is extremely anti-abortion. She’s notorious for defunding Planned Parenthood when she ran the Susan G. Komen Foundation (and was forced to resign as a result).

Yep. That Karen Handel.

Handel and DeVos also strongly support Trumpcare, even though it could lead as many as 50 million people to have no health care access over the next few years.

So should you wish to contribute to Democracy for America, here is the pitch and link.

THIS IS URGENT: Election Day is just two days away, and we need your help to talk to more voters in Georgia. Will you chip in $3 or more to help Jon Ossoff and DFA defeat DeVos and Trumpcare?

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