Thursday, June 15, 2017

Political rhetoric can be toned down by cancelling political meetings

Just kidding. Nobody said that. But if there were no political meetings then there would be no political rhetoric to tone down. That would be one way to satisfy our CD2 Republican Rep. Martha McSally.

Let me be clear. All this is said and done the day after another horrible shooting, this time a guy with an AR15 shooting Republican congressmen practicing for a charity fundraising baseball game. Rep. Steve Scalise and others were grievously wounded. Such shootings do not respect the political “aisle.” Those that were wounded have my best wishes for rapid recovery and long life.

Calling for calmer rhetoric, civil discourse, and less violence is reasonable and appropriate. But it is also the politically correct thing to do when faced with another bout of gun violence. We’ve seen it all before - as in the aftermath of school shootings. And nothing is done to prevent another mass killing. Military grade weapons continue to be available to those who are borderline psychotic. I bet that the investigation into this shooting will reveal how easy it is to purchase such weapons.

But the issues surrounding the availability of those weapons is a matter for another discussion on another day. I take issue with McSally for a different matter.

McSally asserts that Political rhetoric must be toned down reports Joe Ferguson in the Daily Star.

As members of Congress gathered to pray Wednesday after the shooting that wounded Majority Whip Steve Scalise and several others, U.S. Rep. Martha McSally took a moment to talk to her Democratic colleague Tom O’Halleran.

It was a brief talk, but McSally said she wanted to reach out to the newest member of the Arizona delegation — he represents District 1 — in the aftermath of the shooting. “Our district knows better than any what these things are like,” McSally told the Star.

McSally represents Congressional District 2, the district held by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords when she was shot and seriously wounded in an assassination attempt in 2011 that left six people dead and 13 wounded on the northwest side.

McSally said she believes the heated political rhetoric played a role in this shooting.

With increased political scrutiny, including frequent protests outside of her office, McSally said she has no plans to cancel any meetings with the public.

Are there any meetings to cancel?

I googled “mcsally meeting” and got a lot of hits about a February 2017 town hall. Then nothing until this last May: Arizona Congresswoman McSally Cancels Tele-Town Hall reports US News and World Report. “Arizona congresswoman Martha McSally has cancelled a telephone town hall-style meeting where she planned to answer questions about the future of health care reform because a close friend’s health is failing.”

Note that McSally voted for the AHCA and that would have been discussed at that town hall. Our CD2 Rep’s voting pattern does not reflect the makeup of her district.

The infrequency of her public meetings raises the question as to whether she has any real interest in hearing from those of us in her district.

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