Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trump's war on Convfefe: She who speaks for the planet

Robert Bulechek is an Energy Efficiency and Solar consultant who is Chair of the Tucson Pima Metropolitan Energy Commission and Vice-Chair of the Pima Association of Governments Solar Partnership.

His presentation at the Saturday (June 10) DCSRA meeting was on “Solving Climate Change at a Profit, How to Reduce Pollution and Save Money by Electrifying Everything.”

He recommended three things to reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. When you replace your water heater make it a heat-pump water heater, when you replace your furnace make it an electric heat pump, and when you buy a new car make it electric. You cannot sway Donald Trump, but you can make better, environmentally-conscientious decisions.

As you might gather, it was truly electrifying. (I only attend to boos, not hisses.)

Bullechek closed by reading this poem from –The Covfefe: A love song to the Paris Agreement.. He almost lost it (emotionally speaking) while reading it.

Here are a few stanzas.

From the depths of the sea,
where Mar-a-Lago once stood,
comes the tale of Covfefe
too late understood.

Adrift in my boat,
I wondered aloud
why we all had to float
how no ground was allowed.

The ice caps were slushies,
the coasts undersea,
one paddled for days
never sighting a tree.

Then a voice out of nowhere
so loud I did jump
said, “I can explain,
for I am the Trump.”

You can see where this is going. Covfefe attended Trump’s announcement of pulling out of the Paris accords, and was critical of Trump’s action.

‘Mister,’ she said, for all it was worth,
‘I am the Covfefe. I speak for the Earth.
I speak for the planet,
for the planet can’t talk.
And I’m telling you that our planet’s in shock.

Trump: Each Ditchery-Stitch
was worth brundles of gold.
But there was a glitch,
Or so I was told.

Trump: We needed more Hooples, which we could not afford
unless I withdrew from the Paris accord.

Covfefe: Forget about Hooples and Diggery-Stitches.
The globe is our treasure, and she sure gives us riches.
And if we’re just good to her, if we let her recover
there’d be riches for all, there’d be trees to discover.

The Covfefe is gone, but her “No” still rings true.
Think of her when you vote, and turn orange to blue.

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