Tuesday, July 25, 2017

In CD2 Verdin in, Latas out. Is Verdin a real Democrat?

Joe Ferguson (Daily Star) reports that Local business owner Charlie Verdin steps into CD2 race. Actually, Verdin has been on the list for quite a while but there are two features in this story worth mention.

First, there is information about what Verdin believes, how he has voted in the past, and how he promised to vote should he become our CD2 Rep.

Universal health care through Medicare, universal basic income for workers and slave reparations were issues Verdin said he supports, but said if voters send him to Washington, D.C., he would represent what the district wants, not just necessarily what the Democratic Party supports.

He said while electing a liberal in CD 2 might be appealing to many local Democrats, it was not a viable long-term strategy in a competitive district. A liberal representative elected next year would be replaced, he estimated, in one or two election cycles by a more moderate Republican.

The implication is that Verdin is not a liberal. So …

Verdin told the audience he decided to support McCain during the waning days of the presidential campaign if the senator pulled his support of Donald Trump. While McCain publicly denounced Trump, Verdin said he “swallowed bile” and honored his pledge to vote for the Republican senator.

Scriber thinks Verdin is trying to thread a political needle, professing to hold progressive values but in practice behaving as some form of independent - or even “moderate” Republican? Perhaps if we can get him down to Green Valley we can check on that conclusion.

Verdin announced his candidacy several months ago, but is now part of a crowded Democratic field for the 2018 midterm elections that includes Kirkpatrick, former state Rep. Bruce Wheeler, emergency room Dr. Matt Heinz, retired assistant secretary of the Army Mary Matiella, businessman Billy Kovacs and consultant William Foster.

The second bit of news is that “Pilot Jeff Latas told local broadcaster Bill Buckmaster on Monday that he was no longer running for Congress.”

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