Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Republican Senators' vote today on health care is a travesty

That’s what John Cassidy calls it in the New Yorker’s The Senate Health-Care Vote Is a Travesty.

It is a ludicrous situation, and one that makes a mockery of the idea of the Senate as a hifalutin deliberative body. No major bill in recent history has been railroaded through the upper chamber in such a manner—conceived of and written in secret, and subject to no markups or committee hearings. If McConnell were to succeed in getting some sort of bill passed, it would be a travesty.

Thankfully, the opponents of the Republican designs—which, let us not forget, could lead to at least twenty million Americans losing their health-insurance coverage, and countless others ending up with skimpier plans and astronomical deductibles—are also rallying. Democratic politicians and activists are fired up and engaged, as are organizations representing the people and interest groups that the reform would affect. On Monday night, the American Association of Retired Persons, which has about thirty-eight million members, called on all senators to vote against the motion to proceed.

But this looks like a close one—perilously close given that opinion polls show that a large majority of Americans prefer keeping Obamacare to adopting any of the Republicans plans. If the vote were to go McConnell’s way, it would be another sign that American democracy is failing.

CNN lists the salient facts in Republican senators poised to vote today on health care. What you need to know. There you can find out the procedures to be followed today and who is on board, who is not, and who is on the fence.

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