Saturday, July 22, 2017

Trump proposes to share weapons information with Putin

Not exactly, but awfully close to the truth. Trump did propose a joint cybersecurity arrangement with Russia. He was not kidding.

So Putin continues to groom his Moskovian President. Here’s a great analogy in a LTE in the Daily Star this morning.

Russian interference more than ‘meddling’

I would urge the media to stop embracing Trump’s rebranding of Russia’s seemingly successful attempt at cyberattacking America’s democracy by referring to it as “meddling.” Would FDR have, even if he was the apparent beneficiary of such an attack, begun to refer to the attack on Pearl Harbor as the “confusion” on a small island in the Pacific?

But then again, FDR didn’t have a sit-down chat with Emperor Hirohito to ask him if he had any hand in it, and upon getting a firm, “No, I did not,” accept it and agree to move on, putting the whole unfortunate incident behind them, perhaps even sharing some weapons information in the future, while pledging to become BFFs.

Thomas Nicholson

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