Thursday, July 6, 2017

Will Rep. Martha McSally EVER break with the silent majority in congress and stand against Trump?

GV News editor Dan Shearer declared that it is Time for McSally to take a stand in yesterday’s “From the Editor” in the GV News (July 5th).

I suspect that Dan and I differ in our appraisal of AZ CD2 Rep. Martha McSally - and a lot of other things Republican. For one thing, I think her voting record is putrid. She has voted 97.3% in sync with Trump’s positions even though her expected votes would be 55.1% given the demographics of CD2. That puts her at the 12th highest Trump voter in the House (data from Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump). For example, she voted for the House’s Trumpcare bill that would kick millions off of health insurance thus inflicting harm on thousands of her own constituents (as I blogged in Martha McSally’s War on Medicaid). Don’t take my word for that - check out the CBO’s scoring of that bill.

Having said that, Dan and I for sure have two things in common when it comes to Trump and McSally. First, we detest Trump’s sullying of the office of the President - by his lies piled on lies, by his continuing assault on the news media, by his incitements to violence (prove me wrong), by his loss of leadership of the free world (our allies do not trust him), and by his general ignorance of constitutional law at home and diplomacy abroad. Second, we see what I’m calling the Republican Silent Majority when it comes to matters of Trump. With respect to McSally, Dan wrote “she and every Republican in Congress is a silent partner in the president’s petulance.”

McSally in a closed meeting with a bunch of bankers complained about being treated “like [Trump’s] twin sister.” That perception is warranted by her voting record and her silence on matters of Trump. To damp that perception, Dan exhorts McSally to take a stand. I’ll let him have the last words - for now.

All of that [Trump’s behaviors] — and much, much more — will be front and center in next year’s campaigns, and will be projected on to every Republican who refuses to make a clean break from the president’s childishness. Not on the issues — we expect Republicans to vote with Republicans — but on his public conduct.

McSally knows the president is a liability and she’s no doubt weighing whether a public break from him will mean a better outcome in 2018. It will if it’s done right.

Because it’s OK to condemn speech that demeans people, puts our national security at risk and harms the country’s reputation. Because it’s OK to denounce actions that encourage violence and divide a nation. And because it’s OK to tell somebody, even the president, to put away his toys and focus on what’s important. None of this will change him, of course, but it will change McSally in our eyes. Right now, she and every Republican in Congress is a silent partner in the president’s petulance.

McSally told the bankers we expect her to be a pundit. We don’t. We want her to publicly condemn the pettiness as the distraction it is and then face the president on those terms.

In the end, she doesn’t need him, she needs us. And, vote by vote, she’s losing that.

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