Friday, September 8, 2017

GOP hides Trump's tax returns, gaming nuclear war, and making DACA law

Dirty Donald dodges disclosure
Actually the GOP members of the House Ways and Means Committee did it for him. Steve Benen (MSNBC/MaddowBlog) explains in GOP again moves to help keep Trump’s tax returns secret.

Why did the panel bring up the motion (from a Democratic member) in the first place if the majority intended to kill it? Well, it’s an interesting story.

As we discussed the last time the issue came up, Democrats used a tactic known as a resolution of inquiry, and if the committee didn’t consider the measure, Pascrell and his allies could’ve forced the issue onto the House floor – which in turn would’ve created a politically awkward vote for dozens of Republicans.

In other words, it’s better to force 21 GOP lawmakers to cast this vote than have 10 times that many GOP lawmakers do the same thing.

Either way, of course, the end result is the same: congressional Republicans are still taking steps to keep the president’s tax returns hidden, even from Congress.

Polls show strong public support for Trump disclosing the materials, … but Team Trump, to date, has not responded to the petition.

How To Win A Nuclear Standoff
President Trump and Kim Jong Un’s saber-rattling is dangerous, but not irrational writes Oliver Roeder at This game theory analysis of factors pushing toward and pulling away from nuclear war may comfort you – or not.

Perry Bacon Jr. ( tallies the votes for DACA: Congress Probably Has The Votes To Make DACA Law. But That Doesn’t Mean It Will.
… can a DACA-style bill pass in the Republican-controlled House and Senate? Maybe. … It’s likely a majority of members of Congress in both chambers support enshrining DACA into law. … there is a possibility that majorities in both chambers would pass this legislation … if it gets to a formal vote. …

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