Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Mourning Math and other illustrated news

What Korea knows and we do not

$62.5 million
That’s what I predict the next president of the United States will spend on his/her inaugural concert. Now, as in any math class, I must “show my work.”

Below is the relevant item from FiveThirtyEight’s Significant Digits email.

$25 million
Amount reportedly spent on President Trump’s pre-inauguration Lincoln Memorial concert — a tad more than the $5 million spent on Obama’s inauguration concert or the $2.5 million spent on George W. Bush’s. Toby Keith and Three Doors Down must be pricy. [Associated Press]

So I got my trusty Excel to fit a trend line to the data points (1, 2.5), (2, 5.0), and (3, 25.0). The data are perfectly fit by a second order polynomial, COST = 8.75 * DOLLARS2 - 23.75 * DOLLARS + 17.5. My result, 62.5, comes from substituting “4” for DOLLARS.

If we only consider that spent by Bush and Obama (2.5 and 5), we would predict Trump to have spent $10 million. He’s not worth the additional $15 million.

Now, onward. Here are AZBlueMeanie’s selection of toons for this Mournday.

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