Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Trump's DACA decision, how he screwed it up, and some history of American racism

AZBlueMeanie posted Suffer the Children: Day of Reckoning for DACA at Blog for Arizona yesterday.

While the actual details have not yet been announced, the news media has been consistently reporting the White House position leaked to POLITICO over the Labor Day weekend that President Donald Trump has decided to punt the DACA issue to the Tea-Publican Congress …

We now know that (1) Trump is “rescinding” DACA, (2) Homeland Security is instructed to “wind down” the program, (3) Trump is giving Congress a 6-month window to do something legislatively.

Regarding (3), no one should expect anything positive to come from this Congress. The last time they tried, Democrats were in control and the DREAM act went down in the senate courtesy of some “moderate” Democratic senators. The Blue Meanie explains.

Riiight. A Democratic majority Congress could not pass the DREAM Act in 2010 because of a GOP Senate filibuster, joined by five “moderate” Democratic senators (Sens. Baucaus, Hagan, Nelson, Pryor and Tester) on a vote of 55–41 (four senators not voting). Of the three GOP senators who voted for the DREAM Act, Sens. Bennet, Lugar and Murkowski, only Murkowski is still in the Senate. The DREAM Act was passed by the Democratic controlled House.

95% of those 800,000 covered by DACA are in school or employed. My guess is that’s a better record than any other segment of our society. AG Sessions, in his announcement yesterday, repeatedly referred to these people as “illegal aliens” and linked them by implicataion with crime, violence, and terrorism. “Failure to enforce the laws in the past has put our nation at risk of crime, violence and even terrorism.” Here’s a link to the full transcript at Politico.

But then Trump tweeted I’ll ‘revisit’ DACA if Congress can’t fix in 6 months. So Congress can kick the can back to Trump and thereby prolong the uncertainty and angst for the DACA recipients. Man, that would be Congress Cruel. In that tweet, Trump took the heat off Congress and thereby once again showed that he is Master Mercurial. The Blue Meanie quotes from the Political Animal Blog:

Trump may discover that political gravity does apply to him in the end. It’s impossible to predict exactly when it will happens, but disasters tend to occur very slowly–and then all at once. Trump cannot make the entire left-and-center of America believe it’s in an existential crisis of survival, make an enemy of most of corporate America, and infuriate the members of Congress even in his own party, and hope to survive. Not with all the scandals and investigations hanging over his head. Not with ever-declining approval ratings, increasingly large coalitions of powerful opponents, and and millions of angry marchers in the streets

At some point Republicans will decide he’s not worth the hassle and simply choose to be rid of him. The question is how much damage they’ll allow him to do both to the country and the Republican Party before they do what is necessary.

In case you missed it, Rachel Maddow had an excellent piece last night on the shameful history of eugenics in America dating back a hundred years.

In US, anti-immigrant policy has roots in racist eugenics
Rachel Maddow looks back at the shameful role of eugenics in U.S. immigration policy in the 1920s and cites Jeff Sessions’ praise for the policies of that time as an example of those racist roots resurgent in the Trump administration. Duration: 16:20.

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