Friday, October 6, 2017

Mass shootings: The power of prayer and the promise of procrastination

Here are a few responses to the Las Vegas shootings from this morning’s Daily Star.

David D. Haynes: Horror in Las Vegas and our incredible power to forget

We’ll forget you existed, Stephen Paddock.

You are now the worst mass shooter in U.S. history, but we’ll forget you.

Whatever we do learn in the next few days, we won’t learn why. You took that answer with you, if you had one.

Sandy Hook, Tucson, Aurora, Boston, Virginia Tech, Orlando, Oak Creek, Las Vegas …

Wherever your miserable soul has landed, Stephen Paddock, you will be forgotten, too. I can promise you that.

It’s what we do.

Nancy Procter writes to the Daily Star: When is the right time to talk about tragedy?

Re: the Oct. 5 letter to the editor “Too soon for politics.”

I am responding to the letter writer who said “this is not the time” for politics after the Las Vegas massacre. Well, has enough time elapsed that we can talk about Orlando, San Bernadino, Charleston, Newtown, Aurora or Tucson? How about Virginia Tech or Columbine? Should we go back to the University of Texas tower shooting in 1966? Is 50-plus years a comfortable enough time to wait for “such statements and activities” by politicians?

Here is an idea from LA Times writer C. Moon Reed: Don’t pray for Vegas; call your representatives

I’ve heard from friends elsewhere that they’d like to “do something” for Las Vegas.

Here’s one idea: In addition to donating money, you can put to rest the “good guy with a gun” narrative. This festival was full of good guys with guns. But the good guys couldn’t take out the bad guy spraying bullets from a hotel window 32 flights up.

Here’s another: You can come to Vegas.

But whatever you do, please don’t pray for Vegas. We’re proud of the Sin City label and would rather you saved your breath for calls to your representatives. God hasn’t seen fit to give us sensible gun regulations, but your representatives can.

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