Monday, October 2, 2017

Trump's trickle-down tax cuts are yellow gold for the rich and yellow liquid on the rest of us. That and more illustrated news for this Mourning.

Tax cuts for wealthy
After failing on health care, GOP tries to screw up tax code.
What could possibly go wrong?

AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona provides illustrated news for this Mournday Mourning.

Republicans take a shot at tax reform. That is, they are planning to cut Trump’s taxes - bigly. For you and I? Some of us will lose enough deductions to cause our tax bill to increase.

Trump supporters think “trickle down” is about lemonade. Boy are they going to be disappointed when Trump raises his leg.

While Trump snarks and whines about athletes “taking the knee” in protest of racial injustices, Puerto Ricans are on their knees because of the delays in Trump administration response to Hurricane Maria. (Trump thinks the Puerto Ricans are to blame. Jerk.)

HMS Repeal-and-Replace sunk by The McCain Mutiny. Trump supporters, egged on by the poor imitation of SNL’s Alec Baldwin, booed John McCain who became a genuine hero while Trump went to war against heel spurs.

And then there is Tom Price and the pricey private jets. And the pricey military jets. Taxpayers are on the hook for a million bucks while Price promises to pay back a nickel on the dollar. Zinke, Pruitt, and Mnuchin are just as bad.

Also in the news: SoS Tillerson says US is communicating with NK. Trump tweetcuts Tillerson. (“Tweetcuts” I just invented to describe what Trump does to those he hires.)

You have to wait until next week for more Illustrated News to see how and who defends the number of machine guns out there - such as the ones used last night to kill over 50 concert goers in a Las Vegas strip hotel. That’s not funny. But what about the other stuff listed above might you think is funny?

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