Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Why the estate tax repeal will help truckers: The biggest pack of lies by the biggest liar in human history.

Here’s a link to a viral video from Sen. Bernie Sanders. In brief: “President Trump told a group of truck drivers in Pennsylvania that repealing the estate tax would help their families. He forgot to mention that only the top 0.2 percent of Americans would benefit by repealing the estate tax.”

And the truckers applauded and hooted and hollered. That’s a sad comment on Trump’s base. Here’s just two of the contrary comments by retired truckers.

Eric Slind as I retired trucker I can attest to the fact that the estate tax was always on my mind…if I died would the government prevent my family from enjoying my bequest of an 8 year old pick-up, and an almost paid off double wide…actually as a trucker I was more concerned with getting paid fairly, safe equipment, a health care plan, a pension, safe working conditions, a grievance procedure and other items unimportant to the GOP.

Russ Bengtson Hey truck drivers, don’t applaud this guy. He’s giving your boss more money and you none. P.S. I was a Teamster for 40 years just so you know.

FYI: Trump Sr. is doing this so that Trump Jr. will inherit his fair share of the American dream.

FYI: Trump Jr. does not drive a truck for a living.

FYI: it is not clear what Donnie Jr. does for a living.

FYI: therefore there is no logical reason why Donnie should inherit that much money.

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