Saturday, November 11, 2017

Laugh until you cry until you laugh until you ...

Here are a couple from the NY Times Evening Briefing email. Sometimes you gotta laugh - otherwise you would not be human. Sometimes you better cry just to show you are human. I’ve cued your responses below.


… Louis C.K. was supposed to be on “The Late Show” on Thursday, after the New York premiere of his new movie, “I Love You, Daddy.” But both events were canceled after we reported on his sexual misconduct.

Seth Meyers may have captured the reaction among comics best, starting his bit with a mention of the accusations against Roy Moore.

“Politics is so full of perverts and deviants, I’m just so glad I work in comedy,” he said. “Aw, damn it!”


Dozens of young immigrants mailed in their DACA renewal forms weeks before they were due. But their paperwork was delayed in the mail — and then denied for being late.

Though the Postal Service took responsibility, immigration authorities were unsympathetic: “USCIS is not responsible for the mail service an individual chooses, or for delays on the part of mail service providers” an official said.

That’s our country in action.

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