Friday, November 17, 2017

Scriber’s recommended video - Anthony Bourdain on going from Obama to Trump

My favorite TV personality is without doubt Anthony Bourdain. In our own travels, Mr. and Mrs. Scriber have followed in his culinary footsteps as chronicled on his show, “Parts Unknown”. (Think Chicken Rice in Singapore to dinner at The Leopard in Johannesburg, South Africa.)

Here is a link to an interview at the New Yorker Festival, ANTHONY BOURDAIN ON GOING FROM OBAMA TO TRUMP, in which The host of “Parts Unknown” talks with Patrick Radden Keefe about how he makes television while staying true to himself.

Bourdain talks about the difference in world views under the outward-looking Obama and the inward-defensive Trump. His analysis of where America is going is a must-view.

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