Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Significant digits: Women candidates and CEO pay

Here are a couple of items from the 538 Significant Digits email. Trump is making America great again but perhaps not in the way he imagined the shape of his influence.

354 candidates
Women in particular have been throwing their hats in the ring for elected office lately, with 354 female House candidates (291 Democrats and 63 Republicans) and 38 female Senate candidates (25 Democrats and 13 Republicans) registered so far. It’s important to contextualize this: There are four times as many women challenging House incumbents this time compared to the same period in 2015, and 10 times the number of women challenging Senators compared to 2012 and 2014. Gosh, wonder what prompted all this. [The New York Times]

And that’s just “so far” in this electoral cycle. What prompted all this? Here’s the spoiler: Women Line Up to Run for Office, Harnessing Their Outrage at Trump. Maybe all those women can do something about the next significant digit below.

$88.3 million
CVS Health Corp. is trying to buy Aetna, and the insurer’s CEO is poised for a lucrative exit of the deal goes through. Mark Bertolini could walk away with $88.3 million if he’s fired after the acquisition. [Bloomberg]

Think about the size of his tax cut under the GOP bill. How many middle class salaries fit into that 88.3 mil?

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