Monday, December 25, 2017

Tax cuts to trickle down to Tiny Tim

Just kidding. Read on.

Following are two tweets from @SpeakerRyan.

“At the end of each year, no matter how short—or long—it may feel, there is always Christmas. Waiting for us is that sense of wonder the shepherds felt when the angels appeared in the night sky to herald the birth of a Savior.”

“BREAKING NEWS → The biggest #TaxReform in a generation is now the law of the land. As promised, real tax relief is on the way for the American people. Merry Christmas!”

If you have a reasonably rich mental imagery, you can imagine Ryan saying these things with a straight face.

If not, you’ll have to settle for the Monday Mourning edition of the illustrated news via toons from AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona.. He starts with tax cuts for the wealthy and Tiny Tim as a stand-in for those kids on CHIP. Correction - those kids who used to be on CHIP.

My fave?
Mike Pence: ’Tis the season to celebrate our precious savior.
2nd Lady: Shut up about Trump already.

Imagine that. Merry Christmas.

Aw, heck. Take heart. Things can change. Recall Tiny Tim’s quote and the end of the 1984 movie in which Scrooge, played by George C. Scott, has a major makeover.

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