Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ackerley jumps into LD2 race

Dan Shearer, editor of GV News, reports that former state representative Chris Ackerley seeks to retake former LD2 House seat. It’s obvious that Ackerley is gunning for Daniel Hernandez who won the LD2 seat in 2016.

Former state representative Chris Ackerley on Tuesday filed to run for his old seat in the state Legislature.

Ackerley was elected in 2014, and served one term representing Legislative District 2, which runs from southern Tucson to Nogales, and includes Sahuarita and Green Valley. As a Republican, he was a surprise winner in what was considered a Democratic stronghold after redistricting in 2010.

“I think I can make a pretty decent case that I was a very effective representative for the district that I served and can continue to be,” Ackerley said Tuesday. “The gentleman who took my seat has not had that much effect on the legislative process.”

Ackerley said he pushed six bills through the Legislature during his term, more than all Democrats in LD2 combined since redistricting. He was defeated by Daniel Hernandez, a Democrat, in 2016.

There are two problems with Ackerley’s quote. First, well, duh! When you have an autocratic majority, that’s a no-brainer.

As the election proceeds, your Scriber will have lots more to say about Ackerley, specifically about his values as reflected by his voting record while he was in the legislature. If you want to see where this will be going, check out the bolded text in the quote above.

Stay tuned.

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