Sunday, January 21, 2018

ACTION ALERT - Help spread the word on the 10 AM video release about privatization of public education

Here is a video on public schools (vs. for-profit educational enterprises) from Linda Lyon. Watch this then read about how to spread the word.

Linda Lyon from S4E Media on Vimeo.

Hello Arizona Supporters of Public Education,
Are you fired up and ready to spread the word?

The third of the Network for Public Education’s eight videos on Defending Public Education, will go live today and we need your help to make it go viral across the country. Diane Ravitch’s video was first and it received about 800K views. The second in the series (by Superintendent John Kuhn in Texas) garnered over one million views. In today’s release, Linda Lyon explains why the privatization of our schools is such a bad thing. Linda Lyon’s film will go live @ 10 AM MST TODAY, SUNDAY JAN 21

The video will be released on Facebook and Twitter by Shoot 4 Education and Network for Education. The social media guide attached below gives details instructions on how to share the video for the best chance to make it go viral.

Start sharing as soon AFTER 10 AM TODAY as you can! The closer to the 10 AM release time, the better the chances of reaching a wider audience. If you can’t get to it in the morning, try your best to share at some point that day. Use your Twitter or Facebook accounts to amplify Linda’s message in this third of 8 short films from the Network for Public Education. The rest of this guide is divided into instructions for how best to use Facebook or Twitter for this purpose. It is lengthy, but I think you’ll find the insight, as to how to effectively use social media, interesting.

If you don’t use social media, you can still help by emailing the video link below to your friends and asking them to view it and share it.

Social media is efficient, but a personal email to friends also delivers! So if you don’t use either of the platforms above, email your friends and include this link to the video

Thanks VERY much for helping spread the word that Arizonans care about our one million students in our public schools and we won’t rest until they have what they need to succeed!

Take Care, Linda

Here is the link to the social media guide.

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