Friday, January 26, 2018

Baily Holt was murdered for no reason in the 11th school shooting this year

Baily Holt
Baily Holt - a victim of latest school shooting

Endless foreign wars. President Trump’s chaos. Russian interference in our elections. Protection for DACA. The opioid epidemic. But let’s not forget our other national epidemic, one that reveals America’s moral shortcoming - our willingness to sacrifice our children for gun “rights.” It continues.

Leslie Salzillo (Daily Kos) reports on a Man outraged by 11th school shooting this year posts: ‘This is Bailey Holt—GOD DAMMIT LOOK AT HER!’

The title explains much—but Steven Cohn’s facebook post about the obscene American atrocity of gun violence and the latest Kentucky school shooting—says it all.

Steven Cohn

This is Bailey Holt. Yesterday, she went to high school for a normal day and was gunned down. Look at her….GOD DAMMIT LOOK AT HER! Her name was Bailey Holt.

Stare at this fucking picture of a perfectly innocent, perfectly great 15 year old who was doing everything right and was murdered for no reason…when you are done, when you can’t take any more, reply to this post and tell me that there is nothing that we can do to stop the gun violence in our country. Please tell me. Because this enrages me. This could be your daughter. Your sister.

A 15-year old, white male (and yes most mass shootings are done by white males) killed 2 and wounded 19 yesterday.

There have been 11 school shootings in 2018. Fucking 11 shootings at a school in 23 days. That is way beyond unacceptable. That is a national crisis. The assholes in Washington are playing political games over a stupid fucking budget and our babies are being murdered. This is an outrage. Look at that picture!! Her name was Bailey Holt.

Bailey died at the scene. The other child that was murdered, Preston Ryan Cope, died at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville. Currently two dead, 18 wounded with five in critical condition.

Donald Trump’s ridiculous response:

“Earlier today, I spoke with @GovMattBevin of Kentucky regarding yesterday’s shooting at Marshall County High School. My thoughts and prayers are with Bailey Holt, Preston Cope, their families, and all of the wounded victims who are in recovery. We are with you!”

We are with you? Who’s “we” you moronic bastard? Do you mean all your Republican NRA ass-kissing lawmaking buddies who continue to block legislation that would attentuate gun violence and save innocent lives?

Thank you, Steven Cohn for riling me up right now, while also reminding many of us that the blood of these precious children in our schools—or anywhere, remains upon the hands of those who enable.

My love, sorrow, thoughts and prayers go out to the children who’ve died, the children injured and all those affected and suffering from another senseless tragedy.

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