Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fitz: Donald Trump is no Archie Bunker

This is a must read. Click on over to the Daily Star for David Fitzsimmons’ excellent column, President Trump needs the conscience of an Edith Bunker. Here is a sample.

It’s unfair to compare our bigot-in-chief to Archie. Bunker may have been a bigot, but he never sold out his country to the Reds, cheated on Edith with porn stars, or talked about dating his daughter, Gloria. And he never sent Meathead to the Middle East as a special envoy.

Some souls at the “S—hole” meeting were “unable to recall” Trump’s racist words. Those who fear confronting the racists among us are akin to the coward squirming in the shadows at the edge of a great congealing lynch mob, hoping nobody gets hurt. It’s too late for that. Years from now, standing in the rubble of what was the Aging White Man’s Republican Party, these same cowards will deny ever having known the orange nameless one, or supporting him, or voting for him.

We won’t forget. As Archie Bunker would sing, “those were the days.”

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